Face Painting for Fun or Fund-raising

Facepainting, fundraising, Tiger face, Transformer face
Tigers and Transformers if you can imagine it, you can paint it.
October is the time of year when even adults like to play “dress up.” Of course, kids like to let their imaginations go any time of year, and that’s what makes face painting such a great fund-raising activity. It is a wonderful way for kids to become their favorite comic book hero or sparkle like a Disney princess for the day .
I taught myself the art of face painting during my time as editor of the Knoxville Focus Newspaper. We wanted to do something fun that the kids would enjoy during the Fountain City Easter Egg Hunt. We had tons of children line up, and I painted faces until everyone went home. It was so much fun. 
Now I won’t lie, I do have an art background but this isn’t the Sistine Chapel, it’s usually a first grader who wants to look like an action hero or sparkle with glitter. Kids are not critical. They just want to have fun with it. If you mess up, say “oops”, use a baby wipe and start over. At first I did designs that didn’t require much expertise, like smiley faces and bunny noses with whiskers, but as I became accustomed to the materials I began to try new things. I scoured the internet for ideas and came up with some of my own designs as well. Now I can make you look like Spiderman, SpongeBob or a tiger on the prowl. 
Many face painters use pancake theatre makeup, which I think requires more skill to “paint” the designs on and is more expensive. I personally enjoy using a combination of theatre makeup, face painting “crayons” and my favorite “Wet and Wild” eyeliner pencils in a wide array of colors. I also paint “tattoos” on arms and legs using a face painting markers that are a little less likely to rub off than the greasepaint.
All of these are non-toxic, but be aware, they can stain clothing, much like any other makeup. If a child wipes his/her face on their shirt after it’s painted the greasepaint may stain, so it is always good to let the parents know upfront. My favorite method of removing greasepaint from clothing is to spritz it with peroxide before throwing it in the washer. It is cheap and effective. Peroxide also makes a great disinfectant to clean your “crayons” and brushes. I use disposable antibacterial wipes and sponges too. 
If you need a face painter at your next event give me a shout. You can email me at charminfoth@gmail.com, but if you are feeling adventurous, give it a try. It washes off.  



Quality products are hard to find

It seems quality products get harder and harder to find. This is the age of “As Seen on TV” ads that tout wonderful products with amazing features only to find cheap products that never live up to their hype. So, when I find something of true quality I like to let others know about it.

As many of you know, we live in an 80 year old country house on a farm near Knoxville. “The Little Money Pit” as I like to call it is always involved in some type of home improvement project. We have been in the house 11 years now, and when we moved in the fireplace was red brick and made the room look dingy and dark.

My goal was to find a paint that would cover the brick and look good. What I found was Zinsser Perma-White. In 2003 when I first painted the fireplace. It went on smooth and covered the brick with only 2 coats. The difference it made in the room was astounding, bright and open instead of dark and dreary.

Late in December, my husband and I decided it was time to give the room an update. We took down old ceiling tiles, trim, painted walls, trim, and the fireplace. The living room was painted with a beautiful shade of very light sea foam green, and the trim was painted kelly green, the wall next to the fireplace will be a plum color. (I will post the completed revamp once the room is complete.)

Fireplace now and before painting

The original look was very dark, on both the brick and walls, no longer! 

My family will tell you I am very frugal. I save things and recycle when I can. I have been known to repurpose a thing or two. So it wasn’t a surprise to me to find that I still had the original can of Zinsser Perma-White that I painted the fireplace with 11 years ago.

What was a surprise was that the paint was still good! After 11 years! I repainted the fireplace tonight, and it looks amazing. I can’t believe it. The paint held up wonderfully over the last 11 years; there were a few places where dark purple candles had melted on the mantle. The Zinsser Perma-White covered it in one coat!

If you have ever tried to paint over where a waxy mess has been you know that is a BIG DEAL because even when you think all the wax is gone, the residue it leaves behind will keep the paint from sticking to that spot.

So this blog is dedicated to an amazing quality product, and no Zinsser doesn’t even know I bought their product 11 years ago. So there is no kickback involved, just an honest review of a product that really works, even 11 years later.

So if you are getting ready to paint and you need a paint that will last and cover, spend the extra and get the Zinsser.