I Did a Thing…

The Knoxville Poetry Slam is a fun, welcoming environment for poets and lovers of poetry to gather and support each other.

I have been attending the monthly gatherings at Central Cinema for about six months. I have friends who write and like me love the written word, so I have encouraged them to come out and participate. Their bravery in sharing their work and the supportive folks who attend the poetry readings inspired me to share my work. I have never considered myself a writer or a poet, yet I am always writing.

Writing is how I process, it brings memories to life and it gives me a creative outlet for my thoughts when other mediums are not available to me. Before braving the stage’s bright lights, I tested out a few of my written pieces on my co-workers who encouraged me to sign up at the poetry slam and read. I was both nervous and excited. I think the pieces I chose came across well, so I will share them with you and also the video from the night’s performance. I did mess up a bit but I think it still flowed ok. I am proud of myself for stepping out and doing something out of my comfort zone.


My first piece was my introduction.

Who Am I

Hey, My name is Charmin
Yes, it is just like the tissue
Yeah, and if you really want to know
It has always been an issue

From the playground
Throughout my whole life
All around

People asking me 
Are you squeezable
Thinking it is so cute
To be teasable

When most of the time
I find it highly unreasonable

I learned to take it in stride
To stand out 
Not to hide

To be me
Fun, happy 
And free

I live my life 
by one rule
Don't do to me
What you wouldn't want
done to you

Be honest
Be true
I'll be me
And you, just be you

Treat me right, with quality time
And I can be teasable
And baby, if you've got me 
You better believe I'm squeezable

Trear me wrong, 
And I'll just say
So long

I have no time 
for drama, hate or discontent
Life is to precious
To waste a single moment

So find the good
and grab ahold
Life's an adventure
Let's be bold

Yes, my name is Charmin
Just like the tissue
But you know what
It's no longer an issue

The second piece I read was an introspective bit called All I See.
All I See

So I look at you
And all I see
Is the magnificence
Of what could be

Not as a we,
A you and a me
But as just you
Being truly you

I get the feel 
No one has ever
Let you be really REAL
Truly free

It's not too late
God didn't give 
You an exipration date

So say what you need 
No matter the time of day
You don't have to bleed
From what's been cut away

It is time to be the true
and unfiltered you
Time to shine
Just lay it all on the line

No apologies, or I'm sorry
No regrets, no worries
Pull yourself off the shelf
It's time to show your true self

No judgment awaits
I am a safe space
I long for you to be free
From your chains you have grace

My only hope is
That I am around to see
The magnificence of what
I know YOU will be.

If you are interested in attending or reading at the Knoxville Poetry Slam you can find them on Facebook here.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. 

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